If I had my little way I’d eat peaches everyday

For the second weekend in a row we’ve had the opportunity to catch up with old friends. This past weekend one of our friends from college – and a former roommate of Nick’s – was headed to nearby Baltimore for a work trip and flew in a few days early to spend time with us in D.C.

Despite forecasts for rain on Saturday, after picking our friend up at the airport we made the drive to our favorite pick-your-own farm and orchards, Hollin Farms in Delaplane, Va., about an hour west of D.C. It’s been an annual tradition to visit the farm, and since we hadn’t yet made the trek yet this summer, it seemed like a great opportunity to go.

Fresh peaches from the orchard are our favorite thing to pick each visit, but we always leave with an armful of other fruits and vegetables as well. This year we picked tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers and some beautiful sunflowers, that are currently brightening up our living room atop the newly refinished mantle.

After the farm we headed to Barrel Oak Winery for a picnic lunch. Thankfully the rain held off until after we ate, so we were able to relax and enjoy the wine and views for awhile.

Saturday night we had dinner at a nearby restaurant and Sunday morning we headed to brunch near Eastern Market on Capitol Hill, but we were having so much fun that we forgot to snap more pictures!

It was another great summer weekend…now we just need to figure out what to make with two dozen peaches!?


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