Beach Bums

This past weekend we visited friends who have a family vacation home near the Delaware beaches. The area has three main beaches: Lewes, Rehobeth and Dewey. Nick and I took a trip to Rohobeth a few years ago, but this was our first time visiting Lewes and Dewey. We had such a great time with our friends and their family, and I’m so glad we could make it back to Delaware after so many years.

Saturday morning the weather was overcast, so we did a bit of sightseeing and then stopped for breakfast at a local Lewes favorite, Surf Bagel. We worked off our breakfast with a game of miniature golf…Nick got lucky with a hole-in-one, and while I thought I was doing pretty well I still ended up in last place!

Afterwards we headed to Rehobeth to have lunch at Dogfish Head Brewery. When Nick and I visited last time we stayed at the hotel next door to Dogfish and went there one night to enjoy dinner and a live band. The area now has twice as many little shops and restaurants, so things looked a lot different!

We’d planned to take a boat ride Saturday afternoon after the weather cleared, but it looked like it was going to stay overcast. We didn’t let it stop us though, everybody packed an extra layer of clothes and we set out on the hour long boat ride over to Dewey.

After we docked we made our way to the Rusty Rudder, a restaurant right on the water, and listened to the live music while we had dinner and drinks. Afterwards we took a short walk to see some of Dewey and then headed back to the boat since it was nearly dark.

Luckily, when we woke up Sunday morning the weather had cleared so we decided to head down to Lewes beach. My favorite thing about visiting new places is learning about the local traditions and in Delaware that was driving on the beach! I know it’s common in some other beach communities we’ve visited, but I’ve never seen anything like this…a row of trucks as far as you could see!

You are able to drive on the beach with a special surf fishing permit; however, the catch (see what I did there?) is that you are required to have a fishing pole out the whole time. Everyone around us had a pole cast into the surf, but no one was actively attending to them and we never saw anyone catch a fish…I don’t even think people used any bait 🙂 We also learned that most drivers let air out of their tires to make it easier to drive on the soft sand, and they even had air compressors at the exits for trucks to refill their tires. All of this was new and so interesting to me!

Now that we’ve tailgated on the beach, Nick and I never want to do it any other way! It’s so incredibly convenient to pull up and have all of your things right there without having to drag armloads of chairs, umbrellas and coolers out to the sand.

The weather was perfect and it never got too hot so we spent the entire day relaxing and playing in the ocean waves.

We really enjoyed the weekend and are so glad that we were invited along!


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