Winner, Winner

Nick and I never seem to win anything, we just aren’t those lucky types that win prizes. Nick has won a few small things, but none of them very memorable, and I only recall winning two things in my lifetime. Once, at an ice cream social in elementary school I won a set of steak knives after accidentally putting my ticket into the adult raffle box…and I didn’t get to keep them for long because my parents quickly took them away. Several years ago at a company summer outing I got lucky for the second time and won a hammock; however, Nick and I were apartment dwellers at the time so I gave it away to one of my colleagues who actually had trees.

But last night our luck changed when I received a voice mail from the Takoma Park Independence Day Committee offering us congratulations because one of the three raffle tickets we bought to support the local July 4th parade and fireworks was a winner!

Our prize…swimming lessons at a local pool. WOMP! Admittedly it’s not the worst prize we could have won – in our opinion, that would have been the free screen door installation prize, screen door not included – but I’m just not sure its a prize we’ll use. Although picturing Nick in a pool surrounded by mothers with infants and small children really makes me laugh!

So from now on I’m going to stop saying that I never win anything, and instead start saying I never win anything good.


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