A Storm’s a Brewing

Despite the high temperatures last weekend, Nick and I headed out for another weekend camping trip, this time to Greenbrier State Park, in Boonsboro, Md., about an hour northwest of D.C. After we arrived and set up our tent, we changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the lake, it wasn’t that crowded and the water was the perfect temperature.

We relaxed in the water and on the beach for a few hours before heading back to our campsite. We were just starting dinner when the camp hosts stopped by our site to tell us a severe thunderstorm was headed in our direction.

Because of the high heat we’d been watching the weather forecast all week, but had never heard any reports predicting a storm. We quickly got to work packing up our site and putting the rain fly on our tent; thankfully we were able to finish cooking and eating our dinner before we felt the first rain drops. We brought some chairs and drinks into the tent and listened to music during the next several hours of pouring rain, thunder and lightening.

Fortunately, a few years ago we invested in a nice tent, and other than some moisture from all the rain and dampness, we were completely dry the next morning – and so very happy that the sun was shining! While we weathered the storm and came out no worse for wear, I definitely don’t want to repeat the experience anytime soon.

While we made breakfast we listened to the local NPR news and were shocked to hear about all of the storm damage in the DC metro area and that millions were without power. A quick check on Nick’s phone confirmed our house was without power as well.

With more storms predicted later that afternoon we decided to pack up and head home a night early; without power at home we’d basically be camping anyway 🙂

We made a few stops on the way back to D.C. and arrived home early evening. We were excited when we saw that the stoplights at the intersection nearest our house were working, which gave us a tiny bit of hope our power might be on, and when we pulled into our driveway and saw that our doorbell was glowing it felt like the best day ever!

A few large tree branches had fallen in the back yard, but thankfully there was no damage.

The other good news is that since we came home a day earlier than expected, on Sunday we were able to buy more bricks and finish our front yard landscaping projectIt only took a few hours to complete the rest of the brick edging around the newly planted liriope and add some mulch, and we are so happy with the finished result, things are looking good around here!


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