Monkeying Around

We had great weather this past weekend so we headed back outside for another landscaping project, this time in the front yard.

In spring we re-planted evergreens in the large pots in the front (after killing the evergreens we planted last summer…apparently it’s important to continue watering potted evergreens during the winter months). We had also installed a simple brick edging around the flowerbed and planted annuals in the two pots on either side of the front door.

The next project on our to-do list was to add a plant border around the cement porch. The previous owners had planted a few day lilies on one side but they only bloomed and looked nice for a few weeks in spring and summer before they wilted and died. Also, since there were only plants on one side of the porch it looked off balance, so they needed to go and Nick quickly dug them up.

As for the plant border we chose liriope, also known as monkey grass. It’s low maintenance and grows well in all conditions, which is great for our mostly shady yard, and we don’t have to worry about watering them frequently. We currently have a few monkey grass plants on the side of our house and they stayed green all winter, which is a nice benefit, and after some early-spring trimming they grew back quickly; so we’ve already had some success growing this type of plant. We chose to plant the solid green and variegated types so there was some contrast. A few of the plants already have purple blooms, but more should blossom by late summer.

As an aside, digging holes in our yard is always entertaining. Our next door neighbors told us that most of the area was back-filled with trash when the homes were built in the early-1920s. Last summer I dug a few shallow holes for plants and was amazed at how much I found – a marble, a plastic moose, wires, broken bricks, bottle caps, rusted nails and something that resembled a mini windshield wiper. Other than some broken glass and nails the only thing we found this time was a small decorative plastic knife, most likely from a childs play set.

So that’s it, we crossed off one more item from our house to-do list! We are making great progress outside and I’m pleased that it’s looking much more green and inviting!

We still need to buy more bricks to extend the flower bed edging and top it all off with some mulch, but we were dirty and hot after working outside all morning and decided to call it quits!

Later in the afternoon, Nick and I celebrated all of our hard work and the end of another great weekend with some delicious Mexican food, homemade taco dip and a lime-a-rita! Yum!


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