It’s the Pits

The warmer weather has inspired us to tackle some of the outdoor projects on our never ending to-do list. The biggest project was clearing out the lower level of the backyard, affectionately dubbed “the pit”.

We haven’t done anything to the area since we moved into the house. It’s main purpose has been to collect fallen tree branches and leaves.

We started out the day by planting flowers and herbs in the flower pots in the front and back of the house. The pots in the backyard came with the house and were all different colors – rather than investing in new matching pots, we gave them a few coats of hammered brown spray paint.

Once all the flowers were planted, we turned our attention to the pit and started gathering and breaking down the fallen tree branches and raking the leaves. Several hours later – with only one break when we ran for our lives after disturbing a bees nest – and we’d filled nearly 10 lawn bags and were exhausted and dirty.

We are still deciding how we’ll use the space, but in the meantime, it looks so much better.


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